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Wheelchair Cruising Division

About Us
Our Access Travel Team specialists, lead by Connie George, CTC and Vicki Thorp, are the cream of the crop when it comes to handling the details of accessible travel. We represent over 40 years of experience handling travel details and were among the earliest agents to specialize in accessible vacations.  We are the experts in planning limited mobility vacations, educating suppliers and in advocating for travelers who have disabilities.   

Connie George Travel Associates is a member in good standing with CLIA and  Connie has been a long time member of NACTA, has spoken about accessible travel and reviewed the manuscript for the Lifestyle Accessible Travel course book.

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Our Access Travel Team specializes in travel planning for people who have mobility limitations, we are well versed at the details of the experts at vacation planning for:   
  • Wheelchair users    
  • Slow walkers  
  • Travelers who have fatigue issues and other hidden disabilities

We're not order takers.  Instead, we take a very proactive approach to your vacation.  We ask questions and listen.  We realize that, in some cases, we are discussing some very private and intimate details.  Your interests, abilities and needs are all equally important. 

We make suggestions, reconfirm arrangements and research details.  It's common for us to spend hours behind-the-scenes for our clients.  Our accessibility specialists value you and your business.  We will pave the road for you, go the extra distance and "make waves" when necessary!

Connie George Travel Associates has been advocating for accessible cruising for our clients as well as for travelers with disabilities in general for years.  Just a few of our successes are:

  • A pier ramp placed in Aruba
  • A lift into a jacuzzi much earlier than originally planned
  • Negotiated for the first deaf group to ever have ASL interpreters on a cruise at the expense of the cruise line
  • We've "gently" (but adamantly!) worked with countless hotels with non-accessible airport vans to offer the same accommodation at no or similar cost as they offer to their non-disabled guests.

In working with suppliers, we educate on the needs and abilities of the market and, when applicable, the ADA.  We explain the business sense, moral obligation and legal reasons for becoming more accessible.