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Wheelchair Cruising Division

Equipment Rental

*  Would a mobility aid help you to have a more independent and comfortable cruise?

*  Would you like equipment in the bathroom for safety or ease?

*  Do you need medical oxygen during your vacation?

Don't sweat the details!

Don't compromise on your comfort!

Assistive devices are available to enable you to have the cruise of your dreams!

Your Access Travel Team Specialist can research the details so you can rent what's needed!

What's more, we offer the research as a FREE SERVICE to you if you are one of our clients! 

We will waive our $25 per event service fee if you booked your cruise through our agency.


Not a client yet?  You've booked your cruise elsewhere? 
We may be able to take over your reservation if you made your booking directly with the cruise line and have not yet paid your balance.  In that case, the cruise line may allow you to transfer your reservation to us so we can assist you with your rental equipment at no extra service fee and help you with your other details.   

Service fee of $25 if your cruise is not booked through Connie George Travel
A nonrefundable $25 service fee applies for us to research your equipment rental request.  There is no additional fee for booking.  This fee is per person, per cruise. 

Please note:

  • Rental equipment is "standard" and may not have all of the bells and whistles of the particular equipment that you may have purchased for your home.   Rental equipment companies stock what is most used.  i.e. A commode chair "with a right side drop-down arm" is not standard and is not typically available for rent.
  • Below photos are representative of the type of equipment available.  They may not be specifically what you will receive.