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Fill-in-the-Blank Cruise Packing List Form


Plan Your Packing!


One of the first decisions is to determine what bags you will be taking.

First, those with a disability may check in medical supplies without paying excess baggage fees.

Second, the author of this form recommends using another large suitcase to check in weighing under 50 pounds.

Third, pack a carry-on suitcase including all of your meds, perhaps a passport case to go around your neck or waist, and a (canvas) bag with handles.

Now comes the fun part – packing and keeping a list of what you pack – whether it is your first cruise or your tenth. By using the free packing form, which you can download in either Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, you will find yourself organized and focused on your mission... packing!

The form will look similar to this image:



You will see the widest columns are for the names of items to pack in carry on, check in suitcase, medical suitcase, passport case, back pack/canvas bag, and what you wear. The narrows column next to the items is where you write the quantity. The other narrow column is for a check mark when the items are packed.

Once you have completed your lists, take a copy of them so you will know where you have packed everything. A copy of the list in your carry-on bag will be especially helpful if the airline loses or delay yor check-in bag.  Update your list for each cruise as there will be changes.