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Wheelchair Cruising Division

"We’re all getting so excited.  My grown-up children are acting like kids again…what fun!  


"I have learned over the years that keeping up-to-date packing lists are valuable, but the most valuable asset is an excellent travel agent."

"You are the BEST and we are/will continue to recommend you to everyone and will definitely use you again in the future! We appreciate all the help you've been along the way, looking out for us."


"Dear Vicki, Happy new year! What a wonderful surprise for my parents and son. That was really so special of you. Thank you very much. I know Jarrett's first cruise is going to be a very special one. Thank you for all you have done for him and my parents."

       -Helen D

"I want to say what a superb agent Vicki Thorp is. I am so very impressed with the time and effort she has put into booking my round trip from Puerto Rico to the Amazon for January 2007. She has had to deal with (cruise line) many times in order to get the rooms I wanted and have them held until I found an RN to go with me. She had a hard time to get (cruise line) to understand my situation but she succeeded and to me, that makes her one of the best. I am so glad Erik recommended her and your agency.....  WOW!!"

      -Eunice S

"We returned from our trip today. We had a great time! Thank you so much for organizing it! The information that you sent about the accessibility of the various islands was very helpful because it set our expectations and gave us a lot of information about the type of activities we can participate in. I want to mention that our cab driver from Bermuda was fantastic! He was very friendly, courteous, and gave us a great tour of the island. Linda and I highly recommend that your agency send more business his way!"

"I was wondering if you can tell me how I can send a medical claim to CruiseCare? My son had to see the ship doctor because he got stung by jellyfish at one of the islands. Thanks!!"

      -Anna Y

"Thanks for putting together a great trip for us.  We can't wait.  It's great to be able to depend upon someone who cares about taking care of your needs."

      -Ken & Mary K

"Many thanks for taking the time to share your disabled traveler experiences with me...."

      -Michael Alvich, VP Sales, Gray Line New York